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  • Private capital interest in mortgages growing? Angel Oak closes its largest securitization

    More than 80% of loans are non-QM
    Earlier this year, Angel Oak Capital Advisors, an investment management firm that specializes in mortgage credit, raised $291 million to invest in mortgages that don’t fit inside the Qualified Mortgage box. Apparently Angel Oak’s investors aren’t the only ones interested in non-QM loans. Angel Oak announced this week that it closed its largest securitization to date, a $328.78 million offering comprised largely of non-QM mortgages.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions takes a hands-on approach to alternative lending

    Balances subprime loans with appropriate risk strategies

    “Borrowers need to know that a recent housing event (foreclosure, short sale, deed-in-lieu, bankruptcy) or a need for alternative documentation (bank statements, property cash flow products) will not necessarily prevent them from getting a mortgage loan. Angel Oak regularly makes loans for borrowers whose situations make sense,” Alexandra Rodriguez, marketing director, said.

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