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  • Here's the housing story (or lack thereof) of the 2016 election

    How housing didn't matter in this campaign
    Well America, we made it. We survived the most ridiculous, insane, over-the-top, depressing, and ultimately underwhelming campaign in modern political history and we made it. It’s #ElectionDay. So considering that we focus on housing here at HousingWire (hence the name), we felt it important to look at how housing mattered (actually it didn’t) in this election cycle.
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  • MBA president: The next President needs a housing policy director

    Time to turn the page in housing
    It’s time to turn a new page for housing when it comes to policy making, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association president and CEO. While the past eight years have been spent recovering from the recession, it is now time to move on, and this could include creating a new housing policy director.
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  • [video] MBA CEO: Here's why a new president is pivotal for housing

    Now that the housing crisis is over, what will the next president accomplish?
    The Democratic and Republican national conventions are officially wrapped. At both conventions, MBA President and CEO Dave Stevens said the Mortgage Bankers Association hosted panels with members of Congress to stress the importance of housing for the next administration. Stevens noted that we’ve spent the last eight years with an administration that dealt with a recession. So what will happen during the next four years?
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  • Which presidential candidate is better for housing?

    Housing price recovery was stronger in states Clinton and Trump lost
    Housing is no where near the top of the priority list for this year's presidential candidates, with many Americans unclear about where the candidates stand. However, it seems there is one clear candidate who people believe is more likely to cause an increase in home prices.
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  • What kind of leadership should we look for in Washington?

    Few candidates or members of Congress have much housing experience
    Even though voters seem to want to elect an outsider this year, it’s unlikely that dark horse Jonathan Smoke, chief economist for, or anyone else with front-line housing industry experience, will be elected to the nation’s highest office in 2016.
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