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  • 2018: The year of the title company

    Why real estate professionals can’t afford to continue with business as usual
    The real estate industry made significant movement this year toward improved communications between all the professionals and consumers that are required for a property sale. At the core of this is a concerted effort by the title industry to apply technology to modernize and upgrade the closing process.
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  • Dotloop announces partnership with Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies

    Will integrate Dotloop's programs into Lone Wolf's software
    Dotloop, a Cincinnati-based company that boasts it can simplify real estate transactions by enabling brokerages, real estate agents, and their clients to share, edit, sign and store documents digitally, announced a partnership with Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies, a provider of residential real estate solutions and services in North America.
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  • Taking ID verification to the MAXX

    New tool lets lenders validate borrower's identity, character references
    With its latest tool, IDMAXX, Pavaso has enabled lenders to achieve two aims with one solution. By leveraging a borrower’s network for both identity verification and character references, lenders can be assured that 1) the borrower is who they claim to be and 2) the total picture they have of that borrower, and the risk that borrower may pose, is accurate and complete.
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