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  • Star of 'The Big Short' backs new mortgage venture

    Michael Burry, played by Christian Bale, invests in PeerStreet
    Until the motion picture The Big Short came closer to becoming a reality, the name Michael Burry, played by Christian Bale, was probably unfamiliar to most people. Now, Burry, who was one of the featured stars in the best-selling book of the same name by Michael Lewis, is getting back into mortgages.
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  • Golden Globe nominations prove you need to see The Big Short

    Even 99 Homes snagged a nomination
    The financial crisis struck a chord with Hollywood this year as two major motion pictures were listed in the nominations for the 73rd Golden Globe Awards. If you weren't motived already to see these movies that have an All-star cast that includes Steve Carell and Christian Bale, then you should be convinced now.
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  • WATCH: Hollywood's A-list brings subprime to the silver screen

    Brad Pitt. Steve Carell. Christian Bale. Ryan Gosling. The Big Short
    Flashback to the 2008 timeframe where the subprime debacle was just taking hold. Enter into that cast of characters who bet against the big banks, and potentially, the American economy to get rich while the Empire crumbled. Add in a couple of Hollywood A-listers and you get The Big Short movie, based on the book by Michael Lewis.
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