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  • Churchill Mortgage to found new title company

    Will create more secure experience
    Churchill Mortgage announced Wednesday it will enter a joint venture with American Home Title to found a new title company – Churchill Title Solutions. Churchill Mortgage said the new title company will streamline the mortgage origination process and create a secure mortgage experience.
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  • Spruce raises $15.6M to disrupt title industry

    Additional investor involvement brings total Series A funding up to $19.1 million
    Self-proclaimed as the first digital native title company, Spruce is out to disrupt the paper-based title and escrow process as part of the real estate industry’s quickening march toward the digital mortgage. And now, the company has some new capital to aid its pursuit.
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  • 2018: The year of the title company

    Why real estate professionals can’t afford to continue with business as usual
    The real estate industry made significant movement this year toward improved communications between all the professionals and consumers that are required for a property sale. At the core of this is a concerted effort by the title industry to apply technology to modernize and upgrade the closing process.
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  • The key to take down scammers: Here are a few surefire security tricks

    "Think before the click"
    [Expert commentary] If a settlement agent believes cybersecurity is something only the big banks and other high profile financial institutions need to be concerned with, think again. Small businesses have a big target on their backs. Armed with basic security procedures, training and tools can go a long way but never let your guard down. Check out these simple questions you can ask yourself to identify fraudulent emails and prevent a cyber attack.
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  • The potential cost of misunderstanding title insurance financing

    New York State real estate buyers spent an estimated $817 million on title insurance in 2015
    Title insurance is a topic rife with misunderstanding and myth. It is required on most real estate transactions and is generally purchased even when not strictly required, so understanding available lower-cost options can make a real financial difference.
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