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  • Excess Reserves Don't Mean Banks Misused TARP Funds

    Executives at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York believe the increase in excess reserves held by banks that received Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funds is a by-product of the program’s extraordinary measures to recapitalize the nation’s financial institutions and provide stability to the sector.
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  • Regulators Push for Hedge Fund Registration

    There may be something lurking in the hedges; not a snake, but something with just as deadly a bite, according to financial market regulators. It's systemic risk. The Obama Administration continues its campaign for financial market regulatory reform, on Thursday submitting legislation that would mandate registration of hedge funds. The legislation calls for advisers to hedge funds and other private capital pools  like private equity funds and venture capital funds to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
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  • Banking Regulation Overhaul Expected

    This week, President Barack Obama is expected to propose a massive regulatory overhaul of the financial and banking industry. The proposal puts the Federal Reserve in the position of systemic regulator to manage the largest financial institutions. It also puts the government in control of breaking up systemically important institutions and calls for the creation of a consumer-oriented financial product regulator, unnamed sources told the Wall Street Journal.
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  • Systemic Regulator Talks Get Bankers Talking

    As the discussions around toxic loans held on banks' balance sheets and their appropriate buyers escalates this week, another hot button issue -- the regulation of the banks themselves -- prompted at least one industry group to speak up on behalf of banks.
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  • TARP Oversight Panel: Oust Executives, Liquidate Banks

    The Congressional Oversight Panel -- aptly shortened to COP -- which polices Treasury Department actions regarding the Troubled Asset Relief Program and monitors financial markets and the relating regulatory actions, in its April report took a critical look at the Treasury's strategy six months and a combined $4 trillion into the TARP implementation.
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