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  • Fed’s Dudley: Raising interest rates not likely very soon

    Due to recent market volatility hike is now "less compelling"
    A September interest rate hike is now unlikely due to recent turmoil in the stock markets from China’s volatile economy. According to New York Fed President William Dudley, the prospect of a September rate hike "seems less compelling" than it was only weeks ago.
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  • Dow crash will only temporarily slow housing stocks

    The bigger picture in the industry remains more worrisome
    Within minutes of the opening bell on Wall Street this morning, as we are all now well aware, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was off by 1089 points. While I have been predicting a negative turn of economic events here in the U.S. created by fanciful delusions that our economy is in growth mode, I believe what we are experiencing is actually a "pressure release valve" being activated.
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