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  • [Video] First Financial Northwest gives back to employees after tax reform

    Announces $1,000 bonus for all non-executive employees
    First Financial Northwest, the holding company for First Financial Northwest Bank, became the latest bank to report it is giving back to its employees after tax reform passed. It announced it has given all of its non-executive employees a $1,000 after-tax bonus, regardless of their role or tenure with the company.
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  • The CEOs of Fannie and Freddie deserve a raise

    Senators Warren and Vitter should realize this bargain
    Fannie Mae has returned $24.7 billion more than it received, and Freddie Mac has returned $25 billion more than it received. So Layton and Mayopoulos get $600,000 each for creating a $50 billion surplus, while the CEOs of GM and Ally made $9.5 million and $9 million when their companies still owed the government $32.1 billion. How does this make any sense?
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