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  • HUD Launches $1 Billion Homeowner Assistance Program

    As the government debates ways to reduce the size of their involvement in the housing finance market, HUD announced the launch  of a $1 billion assistance program designed to offer interest free loans to borrowers who are at risk of foreclosure. The program, called the Emergency Homeowners' Loan Program (EHLP) has been made available in 27 states and Puerto Rico. It offers interest free loans up to $50,000 to pay a portion of their monthly mortgage payments for up to two years. "Through the Emergency Homeowners’ Loan Program the Obama Administration is continuing our strong commitment to help keep
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  • What's Next For Mortgage Assistance Programs?

    In the past week, the House Financial Services Committee has approved bills aimed at terminating four mortgage assistance programs including the Home Affordable modification Program, the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, the Emergency Homeowner Loan Program, and the FHA Short-Refinance Program.  All four are expected to be passed by the full House of Representatives. Citing waste and overspending on programs that have shown to be ineffective and only helped a fraction of the number of homeowners touted, the Republican controlled House seeks to terminate these programs as a sign of their commitment to reign in unnecessary wasteful spending.  The question that
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