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  • Here are tips on how to adopt HAMP's mortgage modification replacement

    Goodbye wild west, hello loan ranger
    [Commentary] Prior to the 2007 crisis, custom mortgage loan modifications were offered in certain cases, but they were left to the discretion of the loan servicer. Then the crisis hit. Now, however, the industry has stabilized, the challenge is to provide affordable mortgage relief, while enhancing the customer experience and differentiating a company’s brand. Here’s how this can be done.
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  • SIGTARP report reveals massive failure of HAMP

    "Massive lost opportunity for an emergency program"
    Servicers denied an alarmingly high number of applications for the Home Affordable Mortgage Program, with mortgage servicers turning down 70% of applications. "That’s roughly 4 million homeowners, or, in fact, the number of families that Treasury initially estimated would be helped under HAMP,” Special Inspector General Christy Romero said.
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