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  • Bob Hosch, former CEO of Butler & Hosch, resigns from Florida Bar Association

    Hosch: Resigning from the Florida Bar is not an admission of guilt
    Robert Hosch, the former managing partner and CEO of mortgage banking industry law firm Butler & Hosch, which abruptly closed in 2015 amid allegations of mismanagement, is resigning from the Florida Bar Association. In a statement provided to HousingWire, Hosch said that resigning from the Florida Bar is "not an admission of guilt," adding that this move will allow him to "focus on new opportunities."
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  • Former Butler & Hosch employees say firm CEO’s statements are “disingenuous”

    Attorney in class action suit provides rebuttal to Bob Hosch’s account
    The former Butler & Hosch employees at the center of a class-action suit against their former firm are responding to the claims of the firm's CEO, Bob Hosch, saying that Hosch’s statements are “disingenuous.” Seth Lerman, the attorney representing the employess, also details the numerous attempts to serve Hosch with the lawsuit, in direct contradiction with Hosch’s attorney’s statement that Hosch had not yet been served.
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  • EXCLUSIVE: Bob Hosch responds to allegations about Butler & Hosch

    Firm’s CEO says truth will be revealed
    In the two months since mortgage banking industry law firm Butler & Hosch suddenly shut down, serious allegations have begun to surface about what led to the abrupt collapse of the firm. Now, for the first time, the firm's managing partner and CEO, Bob Hosch, is speaking out about the allegations levied against him and the firm that carried his name for more than 30 years.
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