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  • Homeownership rate rises to four-year high as Millennials are finally buying homes

    More renters appear to be buying
    What so many in the housing industry have waited years for appears to be finally happening: Millennials are buying homes. Back in September, after existing home sales fell to a three-year low, it appeared that many younger would-be buyers were turning to renting instead of buying. But things look much different just a few months later.
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  • Lennar targets Millennials with mortgage that pays off their student loans

    Lennar subsidiary Eagle Home Mortgage offers unique lending product
    A recent study showed that mounting student loan debt is holding Millennials back from buying homes – for seven years. But one homebuilder is trying to make that seven-year delay go away. Eagle Home Mortgage, a mortgage lender and a subsidiary of Lennar, announced Tuesday that it is rolling out a new mortgage program that will help homebuyers pay off their student debt.
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  • Hey Millennials! Have questions about how your credit scores work?

    Take this quiz to see how much you understand
    The exact intricacies of a credit score continue to be one of the most confusing financial concepts for Millennials. This elusive three-digital number holds the power to some of the most financially expensive purchases in a consumers life, and yet according to a recent poll from LendEDU, young American consumers only have an intermediate understanding of that all-important number. See how well you perform against the stats.
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  • Chase Mortgage offers new credit card award program for Millennial mortgage customers

    Looking for more credit card points?
    There are about to be a wave of Millennial homebuyers, and Chase Mortgage is stepping up to serve them. The bank is trying something new to create added incentive for young homebuyers to secure a mortgage through the bank. Already have a Sapphire credit card with Chase? This announcement is for you.
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  • The essential guide for lenders to help Millennials buy a home

    Here are 7 helpful tips
    Every generation faces defining economic events that alter their collective perspective. For Millennials, their coming of age moment occurred during the largest housing market downturn in American history. The housing market coupled with the ubiquitous availability of real estate and market information online has created a new era of homebuyers in Millennials. These tips will help you navigate how to help them as a lender.
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  • Not only are Millennials buying homes, they’re refinancing

    New Ellie Mae report gives pulse of current Millennial homebuying
    Quelling rumors that Millennials don’t want to buy homes, a new report from Ellie Mae shows that they’re not only buying homes, they’re even to the point they want to refinance. However, this is still, overall, a small percentage of closed loans. Here’s a look at how Millennials are performing in other parts of the mortgage market.
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