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  • NAHB: Lumber tariffs increasing cost of homebuilding

    Costs have increased since tariffs imposed last year
    One question the homebuilding industry is faced with, especially while housing inventory remains low, is why hasn’t there been a larger response from the homebuilding industry to add more homes to the market? According to the NAHB's chief economist, one of those reasons is the rising cost of lumber.
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  • These are the 5 issues impacting real estate right now

    And the 5 issues to look out for in the future
    The Counselors of Real Estate, an advisory organization that monitors real estate, released its latest report detailing the top 10 issues affecting the real estate industry. This year, the organization divided its annual list to focus on five issues currently impacting the industry and five issues to watch for potential long-term impact over the next three to seven years.
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