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  • Homeownership rate rises to four-year high as Millennials are finally buying homes

    More renters appear to be buying
    What so many in the housing industry have waited years for appears to be finally happening: Millennials are buying homes. Back in September, after existing home sales fell to a three-year low, it appeared that many younger would-be buyers were turning to renting instead of buying. But things look much different just a few months later.
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  • LGBT renters cite discrimination, affordability and confusion as obstacles to homeownership

    Freddie Mac study reveals significant barriers suppressing homeownership rates in LGBT communities
    Freddie Mac found a disturbing trend in homeownership rates: Members of the LGBT community are less likely to own a home, are more mobile, fear discrimination when buying a home, and prioritize living in LGBT-safe neighborhoods. The study revealed that 46% of LGBT renters fear discrimination in the home buying process and that when members of the LGBT community are determining where to live, their top three priorities are price, safety and LGBT friendliness.
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  • Homeownership rate rises to highest level since 2014

    Continues slow trek back above historic lows
    The national homeownership rate continued its slow trek back above last year’s historic lows in the third quarter, rising to levels not seen since 2014. The homeownership rate is now a full percentage point above 2016’s second quarter, when it fell to it lowest level since 1965.
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  • HUD Secretary Carson: Homeownership is the foundation of the economy

    And more highlights from HUD housing forum
    In honor of the first day of National Homeownership Month (so declared by President Donald Trump this week), the Department of Housing and Urban Development hosted a housing forum on Thursday, replete with an appearance from HUD Secretary Ben Carson. During his opening remarks of the forum, Carson spoke of the importance of homeownership and HUD’s efforts to ensure that “every hardworking and credit-worthy American enjoys a fair chance at becoming a homeowner.”
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  • Donald Trump talks housing (and everything else) in speech to homebuilders

    Republican nominee plays to the crowd, touches on housing and homebuilding
    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke Thursday to the National Association of Home Builders. And in a wide-ranging speech that touched on the Iraq War, the current political climate in the Middle East, and much more, Trump doubled down on his claim that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and President Obama are the "founders of ISIS." He even managed to mix in some housing talk as well.
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  • Homeownership rate falls again, nearing all-time low

    So much for the supposed recovery
    Just over two months ago, it seemed like there might finally be a light at the end of the tunnel as the homeownership rate in the United States increased for the second straight quarter, after falling to a 48-year low in the second quarter of 2015. But as it turns out, that growth may have been a mirage.
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  • Bernie Sanders announces sweeping housing agenda

    Wants expansion of HUD programs, credit score reform, 'reinvigoration' of HARP
    Say what you will about the Democratic candidates for president (and many do, often with good reason), but at least they are talking housing in 2016. Earlier this year, Hillary Clinton released her full economic agenda, which included several major housing reforms. Now, Bernie Sanders is joining Clinton in releasing his own housing agenda, which includes expanding HUD programs, reforming credit scoring and other proposals.
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  • Homeownership rate rises for first time in 2 years

    Increases after dropping to 48-year low in second quarter
    After dropping to the lowest level in 48 years in the last quarter, the homeownership rate in the United States increased during the third quarter. The increase during the third quarter was the first time the homeownership rate increased in two years.
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  • This chart proves mortgage credit availability isn’t improving

    Isn't get worse, either
    “We think tight mortgage credit and weak demand for mortgage credit are key driving forces behind the slow growth recovery story and the positive technical story for securitized products,” BofAML’s Chris Flanagan, Gregory Fitter and Mao Ding said in the new Securitization Weekly Overview.
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