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  • [Video] Here’s one way housing and healthcare go together

    Former representative Rick Lazio explains
    Housing and healthcare, to some peoples’ surprise, are closely related. Recent talks surrounding President-elect Donald Trump selecting Ben Carson, a former GOP presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon, as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development helped bring this association back to the forefront of housing conversations. Former representative Rick Lazio explains in a video interview.
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  • Former Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating joins J. Ronald Terwilliger Foundation

    Recently retired as president and CEO of American Bankers Association
    The J. Ronald Terwilliger Foundation for Housing America’s Families announced Wednesday that Frank Keating, the former governor of Oklahoma, is joining the foundation’s executive committee. Keating joins the Terwilliger Foundation after recently retiring as president and CEO of the American Bankers Association.
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  • Chief Economist Jonathan Smoke announces run for President

    “As President, I’ll make American housing great again—really”
    For all their posturing and preaching, until very recently, many (if not all) of the candidates in the 2016 presidential campaign had not even broached the subject of housing in their campaign speeches. Well, it turns out there’s a new candidate who will talk about housing, and talk about it extensively. In fact, he’s making housing his sole campaign platform. And given his day job, it makes sense.
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  • Jeb Bush launches tax plan that raises tax burden for homeowners

    Would cap mortgage interest deduction, end tax deduction
    Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is advancing a tax plan that would put a cap on the mortgage interest deduction and completely eliminate the deduction for state and local real estate taxes. If it ever becomes official, ten of millions of homeowners will be impacted.
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  • New housing policy foundation breaks silence on housing crisis

    Ladies and gentlemen, the J. Ronald Terwilliger Foundation for Housing America’s Families
    Housing and mortgage finance reform either gets shuffled off to arguments in congressional subcommittees that go nowhere, or just plain ignored by policymakers. A new foundation with a power lineup plans to change all that, and they may have the capital to do it.
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