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  • Amherst Goes International

    Austin-based Amherst Holdings, a financial services provider to mortgage-related investors, recently got a taste for international investments. And the flavor of the day is Chinese. The company unveiled its new Hong Kong subsidiary -- and first international venture -- Amherst International, which will facilitate business throughout Asia using Amherst's knowledge of fixed-income strategies and residential mortgage-backed securities in particular.
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  • Treasury: GSE Debt Guarantees Good Past 2009

    In a statement yesterday designed to clarify the government takeover of both Fannie Mae [stock FNM][/stock] and Freddie Mac [stock FRE][/stock], the government managed to provide tidebits of information many might have missed when the original bailout was announced. Chief among them? The fact that senior and subordinated debt holders, as well as agency MBS investors, are backed by the government past the 2009 expiration of the preferred stock purchase agreement, at least into 2010.
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  • PMI to Sell Off Asia Mortgage Insurance Ops

    A retrenching of operations around the troubled U.S. housing market at The PMI Group, Inc. [stock PMI][/stock] continued on Friday, with the company saying it had signed an agreement to sell its Asian operations to QBE Insurance Group Limited in a deal worth $56 million.
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  • NYT's Friedman on housing and election strategy

    Thomas Friedman, Pulitzer-prize winning foreign-affairs columnist at the New York Times, weighs in with a point that the editorial team at HW has been hammering for months now: that housing, and the economy in general, will decide the outcome of the upcoming Presidential election. Not Iraq, or the War on Terrorism. Not Social Security, or Medicare. Not abortion, nor gun control. Friedman's thoughts on the matter:
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  • HSBC Sets Aside $3.2 Billion for Bad Loans

    HSBC Holdings Plc said Monday morning that bad bets on U.S. mortgages continued to eat away at the company's bottom line, but not enough to offset strong growth in markets outside the United States. Europe's largest bank by assets said it set aside $3.2 billion during Q1 in loan impairment charges, compared to $1.6 billion in the year-ago period.
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