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  • Fannie Mae: Americans again expect home prices to start rising

    Shift in rates may dampen housing sentiment
    Consumer optimism fell in December, but was partially offset by the increased optimism after the presidential election. But how will this play out long term? Fannie Mae cautions readers against drawing conclusions about sustainable changes in consumer sentiment so soon after the election.
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  • Black Friday special: The top 5 things you need to read right now

    Catch up on your election news as you shop for deals
    Waiting in line trying to catch the greatest deals on Black Friday? Us too. But while you’re waiting, why not use the time to catch up on what’s been going on in housing since Donald Trump got elected? Here are the top five articles you should read right now, courtesy of HousingWire.
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  • Here's the housing story (or lack thereof) of the 2016 election

    How housing didn't matter in this campaign
    Well America, we made it. We survived the most ridiculous, insane, over-the-top, depressing, and ultimately underwhelming campaign in modern political history and we made it. It’s #ElectionDay. So considering that we focus on housing here at HousingWire (hence the name), we felt it important to look at how housing mattered (actually it didn’t) in this election cycle.
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  • Century 21 lists White House for #ElectionDay

    Creates ad to encourage voting
    Many Americans will flood to the voting booths today to choose the next president of the U.S. One real estate company created an ad that creatively boasts the White House as being up for sale as a way to encourage Americans to get out and vote.
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  • Going to vote? Here are the top 10 ballot decisions for housing

    Affordable housing takes spotlight in voting booths
    Despite the lack of attention on housing from both political candidates, this year's election ballots are filled with measures for affordable housing. Trulia compiled a list of the top 10 most impactful measures, and what they do. Love them? Hate them? Election day is next week.
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  • Consumer confidence tumbles in October

    Many say business conditions are bad
    After hitting post-recession highs in September, consumer confidence dropped in October. According to one economist, the upcoming elections could be putting many consumers slightly on edge. Here’s more about where Americans say the economy sits, and where it’s headed.
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  • Donald Trump's childhood home up for auction

    But is the famous connection helping it sell?
    Before he became the Republican presidential candidate or a real estate guy, Donald Trump grew up in a significantly smaller home in Queens in New York City. However, the famous connection might not be doing anything to help the home sell.
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