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  • August jobs report: Unemployment holds steady at 3.9%

    Non-farm payrolls increased by 201,000
    The unemployment rate in August remained at 3.9%, according to the latest Employment Situation Summary report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. One economist said the 9 year high in wage growth ensures the federal government will raise rates at their meeting later in September.
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  • ADP: Employment increases 219,000 in July

    Construction jobs increase from last month
    U.S. employment rates continue to rise, increasing in almost every sector in July, according to the ADP and Moody's Analytics National Employment Report. ADP Research Institute Vice President and Co-Head Ahu Yildirmaz said the labor market is on a roll with no signs of a slowdown in sight.
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  • ADP: Employment increases 177,000 in June

    Construction jobs are steadily increasing
    As unemployment rates fall, the labor market is expected to reach full employment, according to the ADP and Moody's Analytics National Employment Report. But Moody Chief Economist of Analytics Mark Zandi believes that business’ number one problem is finding qualified workers, and as the rate of employment increases the problem will worsen.
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  • Jobs increase falls below expectations in March

    Construction job growth drops by 15,000
    Total jobs growth in March increased, but far below experts’ expectations, and much-needed construction jobs decreased. However, one expert pointed out the decrease in construction jobs could be due to this year’s harsh winter.
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  • ADP: Construction industry leads March employment surge

    Jobs forecasted to increase 241,000
    As job gains continue in the construction industry, employment is expected to surge in March. And one expert explained the rebound in employment growth over the past few months is principally due to the goods sector, with ADP's report showing gains of 31,000 in construction.
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  • ADP: Job market threatening to overheat

    February set to gain 235,000 new jobs
    Employment is set to increase in February as the hot job market threatens to overheat, according to the ADP and Moody's Analytics National Employment Report. And with government spending increases and tax cuts, the report points out growth is set to accelerate.
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  • Capital Economics: Economy nears full employment

    Brexit to provide little economic impact
    The recent low jobs report and Brexit decision could cause economic uncertainty. However, a recent report from Capital Economics shows there is nothing to fear. In fact, the economy is nearing full employment and GDP continues to increase.
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