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  • D.R. Horton boosts Iowa homebuilding business by acquiring Classic Builders

    D.R. Horton will pay $60 million for acquisition
    D.R. Horton is set to grow its homebuilding business in the state of Iowa, as the homebuilder announced Tuesday that it acquired Classic Builders, one of the largest homebuilders in Des Moines. According to D.R. Horton, it expects to pay approximately $60 million in cash for Classic Builders and its homebuilding assets.
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  • Historic Iowa military barracks transformed into affordable housing community

    LIHTC used to convert Fort Des Moines to housing
    A lot of people may not know about Fort Des Moines, but the Iowa military base has significant historical value. The Iowa installation was the site where black Americans were first trained to be military officers during World War I, and now, part of the historic area has been preserved, restored and converted into a 142-unit affordable housing community, thanks to a novel approach from a leading affordable housing developer.
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  • Home loan bank merger will take over Northwest

    Doesn’t face a lot of opposition in Washington D.C.
    If the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle are cleared to merge, the new bank would cover the vast majority of the Northwest. And so far, the merger is not facing much opposition.
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  • A sure-fire stimulus: Reward performing borrowers

    The real cost of government intervention into mortgage markets, via programs like HAMP? We’ve managed to convince untold thousands that in the face of unmanageable debt loads, their best option is to try to tread water just a little bit longer. The healthy alternative, of course, is to simply wipe the slate clean and liquidate bad debt.
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  • Originations Could Fall Below $1.3 Trillion in 2009: Report

    Everyone on the origination side of the fence these days wants to know just what kind of market they're going to face next year. The answer isn't one many likely want to hear, if one forecasting firm is correct: originations could fall to levels not seen since the 1990s in 2009, according to a forecast released Wednesday by Des Moines, Iowa-based iEmergent.
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  • Real Estate Advisory Launches Forecasting Suite for Lenders, Brokers

    Des Moines, Iowa-based iEmergent, a real estate advisory firm, said Wednesday that it had rolled out a suite of reports designed to enable lenders to better understand their primary markets. The suite, called Market Manager, aims to help lenders and brokers anticipate and forecast mortgage opportunities in key U.S. and local markets.
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  • Wells Fargo Ditches Subprime Wholesale - Will Others Follow Suit?

    While many lenders are paring back on their subprime loan programs, Wells Fargo today went one step further, saying it will exit the subprime wholesale mortgage lending business altogether. Here's the formal press release from Well Fargo. The exit will cost 237 employees their jobs, primarily in Baton Rouge; Wells Fargo said it will close its nonprime wholesale operations centers in Baton Rouge and in Des Moines.
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