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  • Why the nation's housing mess is far from over

    Longtime HW readers might recall a chart we publicized years ago from Credit Suisse that looked at loan resets and recasts -- it's since become widely part of the housing blogosphere, but we were actually the first to disseminate it publicly years ago.
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  • How We Got Here From There

    Editor's note: This story appears in the current issue of HousingWire Magazine, hitting subscribers' mailboxes this week. Compared to the breaking-news and opinions on HW online, HousingWire Magazine provides a more in-depth look at the issues, data and people that live in the unique space where finance meets mortgage banking.
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  • Glitzy OC reels in foreclosures

    The Orange County Register's Mathew Padilla notes that foreclosures in Orange County -- which includes such glamorous spots as Newport Beach and Laguna Beach -- are soaring. In fact, it only took the first five months of 2008 to surpass the total number of foreclosures filed during all of 2007. A look at a scary graph that would be good news if it were profits, and not foreclosures:
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  • Mortgage Market Roundup, Sept. 16

    It's been another busy week in the mortgage markets, as readers of this blog know. But there were plenty of stories I didn't have time to highlight this week -- so I'm going to take some time to highlight some coverage I've seen in the media and across the blogosphere that mortgage industry professionals need to know about... Merrill Lynch's subprime exposure: The Wall Street investment bank hinted on Friday that it may take a hit in the third quarter in connection with its mortgage-related business activities.
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  • Mortgage Market Round Up

    There are a few stories percolating on my "to-do" list -- as you probably know, there is plenty to cover right about now -- so I'm going to take you on a tour of what's out there. Jump off wherever you feel interested ...
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