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  • Yahoo to pay $5.5 million for botched billion-dollar bracket contest with Quicken Loans

    Judge rules Yahoo violated contract with initial prize promoter
    Three years ago, Quicken Loans created a national uproar when it partnered with Yahoo and Berkshire Hathaway to launch the Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge, a contest involving picking the winners of the NCAA tournament games – all of the winners. No one won the billion dollars in 2014, the contest’s first and only incarnation. But now, three years later, Yahoo will be paying out for the contest, but not for the reason you might think.
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  • Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert reportedly bids $5 billion for Yahoo

    Deal would dramatically increase scope of Gilbert’s empire
    Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert certainly is in the middle of a lot right now. The Cleveland Cavaliers, Gilbert's NBA team, is set to take the court in the NBA finals Monday night with their backs against the wall, down three games to one to the Golden State Warriors. But that's hardly all Gilbert has going on these days. Gilbert is also deep in the multi-billion dollar bidding process for Yahoo.
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  • Is Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert partnering with Warren Buffett to buy Yahoo?

    Berkshire Hathaway to finance deal?
    Recently, Yahoo made it known that it is interested in selling off its "core business" as the company struggles with declining revenue. Quicken Loans founder Gilbert is reportedly among the interested bidders, and he has a huge name ready and willing to serve as potential financial backing – Warren Buffett.
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  • adds another former Yahoo exec to senior management

    Aman Kothari named chief financial officer
    The migration of former Yahoo! executives to continues, as the online real estate marketplace announced the addition of Aman Kothari as the company’s new chief financial officer. Kothari joins after spending 12 years at Yahoo, most recently serving as senior vice president, global controller and chief accounting officer.
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  • Hey Yahoo, 2005 called, and it wants its mortgages back

    This was the most amusing (and depressing) mortgage-related read of the week
    “A man who spent years sleeping in a cardboard box by a bus stop found a bank account he had forgotten - with enough money for the deposit on a house.” If correct, that means he needs to get a mortgage. Truth is, no one is going to give this guy a mortgage.
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