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  • Housing affordability retreats in fourth quarter

    The average homeowner will spend 35% of their income when purchasing a home
    In the fourth quarter of 2018, the median home price reached the least affordable level since the third quarter of 2008, according to ATTOM Data Solutions. ATTOM Senior VP Daren Blomquist said while poor home affordability continues to cloud the U.S. housing market, there are silver linings in the local data as home price appreciation falls more in line with wage growth.
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  • U.S. inflation hits 6-year high

    Annual growth hits Fed’s 2% target
    After coming up short for more than half a decade, inflation in the U.S. is back on track. Indicators show inflation rose 2% in May, meeting the Federal Reserve's ideal target for strong, sustainable growth.
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  • The amount of money in our paychecks is slowly increasing

    Wages cannot keep up with rising employment
    Although unemployment is near a historic low, wage growth continues to threaten U.S. economic recovery. The national decrease of unemployment means employers have more pockets to fill, but healthcare, insurance, retirement, paid leave and other benefits make employees too expensive, according to an article by Lydia DePillis for CNN.
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  • Improving economy can’t push home sales higher

    Pending home sales see third consecutive annual decline
    Pending home sales decreased annually in March, and are showing no signs of improvement as housing inventory fails to keep up with homebuyer demand. NAR explained healthy economic conditions are creating considerable demand for purchasing a home, but not all buyers are able to sign contracts because of the lack of choices in inventory.
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  • Employment surges in January lead by construction jobs increase

    Average hourly earnings increase at fastest pace since 2009
    Jobs increased in January, lead in part by gains in construction employment. But experts were especially interested in this month’s wage growth, which posted the highest annual increase since 2009. However, not everyone saw January’s wage growth as a positive sign.
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  • Economists: Strong jobs, low interest rates mean little chance of recession

    Fed to stay its course with plans for interest rate hikes
    The employment report in June showed a significant increase of 222,000, however the employment rate held steady and wages increased only slightly. Experts explain the market is resting at full employment, and explained the Fed is still expected to continue with one final rate hike for 2017.
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  • Experts: Jobs report came in strong, but could be better

    And which administration should get credit?
    Even after the above-average jobs report for January was released, some experts are still wary, pointing out that there is room for improvement. Meanwhile on Twitter, the battle wages between giving the credit for the strong number of jobs added to the outgoing administration, or the incoming, and Fannie Mae weighs in.
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  • Housing in places like New York, San Francisco fail more than just the locals

    Local policies curtail worker freedoms
    From the mid-'60s into the new millennium, these three cities in particular experienced phenomenal growth, but only contributed a small fraction to the growth of the nation. It’s this finding last month that underpins the need for a cohesive federal housing policy that can supersede some of the directions taken by local municipalities.
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