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  • Detroit suddenly reverses ban on Airbnb hosts

    Reversal comes just days after enforcement began
    Just a few days after the city of Detroit started handing out cease and desist orders to some of its downtown Airbnb hosts, the city council voted to lift the ban. After going into effect Tuesday, it appears many of the city’s officials were caught off guard by the change, which was hidden as one sentence in a 200-page update to the city’s zoning code.
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  • Detroit cracks down on Airbnb rentals

    Short-term rentals now banned in some downtown areas
    The city of Detroit, Michigan, recently voted to ban Airbnb in some of the city’s zones and is now sending out cease and desist letters. A new update went into effect Tuesday making it illegal for property owners in the city's R1 and R2 zones to rent out rooms in a home or apartment.
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  • Airbnb hosts can now use income in refinance mortgage apps

    Fannie Mae, Quicken Loans and other lenders join partnership
    Airbnb announced today it is partnering with some of the largest U.S. lenders to allow host income to be used in mortgage applications. The company partnered with Fannie Mae, Quicken Loans, Better Mortgage and Citizens Bank in its latest initiative to consider home-sharing as a tool for earning extra income when it comes to refinancing a home.
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  • Housing industry gears up to face Hurricane Harvey

    Airbnb offers free housing to evacuees
    Hurricane Harvey made landfall with full force late Friday night. The storm could leave the area uninhabitable for months, and the housing industry is already gearing up to help. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac sent out a reminder of its disaster relief policies Friday, urging families affected by the storm to contact their mortgage servicer.
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  • Meet Airbnb’s newest competitor: Google

    Plans to extend footprint in short-term rental market
    The market for short-term rentals continues to grow, and now, Airbnb is beginning to see competition in the market. Google is dipping its toes into the market by adding apartments and homes to their hotel search in some European cities, but it doesn’t plan to stop there.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Is the housing economy about to take a big turn for the worse?

    Two expert reports indicate a strong chance
    Last week saw an unrelenting rush of bad economic news, starting with continued weakness in inflation and including trouble for consumer spending, consumer confidence, housing, manufacturing and inventories. And it looks to get even worse this week. Read the latest in your Monday Morning Cup of Coffee.
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  • Stats show short-term rentals in New Orleans, Chicago drop

    New crackdown against vacation rental services pays off
    Short-term rentals in New Orleans and Chicago saw a decrease even as they increased in other parts of the U.S. One expert explains this new decrease is due to these cities cracking down on sites such as Airbnb, requiring owners to register with the city and enforcing other regulations.
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  • Former AppraiserLoft owner said to now focus on shady apartment rentals

    Wife leads circle that may skirt Santa Monica anti-Airbnb laws
    A few years after seeing his appraisal management company close down, leaving behind millions of dollars in unpaid appraiser invoices, AppraiserLoft owner Aman Makkar appears back in business. According to an investigation by HousingWire, the Makkars have now set sights on a new goal – apartment rentals. Here’s more on the Makkars' latest business venture, and its possible players, and the questionable legality.
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  • New Orleans cracks down on Airbnb rentals

    Sent out more than 400 notices
    New Orleans is cracking down on its Airbnb rentals as it sent out more than 400 notices to 382 properties. However, cracking down is turning out to be difficult, and the coming week will bring more changes to the city’s procedures.
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