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  • Freddie Mac sells $667 million in NPLs to private investors

    Familiar names in buyer pool
    As its fellow government-sponsored enterprise did earlier in the week, Freddie Mac announced Friday that it is selling hundreds of millions of dollars in non-performing loans to a familiar series of private investors. Here are the details of Freddie Mac's latest NPL sale.
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  • Freddie Mac sells off $1 billion in NPLs to familiar private investors

    Frequent buyers among winning bidders in latest non-performing loan auction
    Freddie Mac announced Wednesday that it is selling $1 billion in non-performing loans off its books to a familiar group of private investors. Among the winning bidders in the NPL auction are Pretium Mortgage Credit Partners I Loan Acquisition, Upland Mortgage Acquisition Company II, and Rushmore Loan Management Services, all of which previously purchased NPL pools from either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.
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  • Freddie Mac sells off $1.1 billion in non-performing loans

    Finds familiar buyer for pools of Wells Fargo-serviced loans
    Freddie Mac announced Tuesday that it sold off 5,311 seriously delinquent loans from its investment portfolio. The loans carry an unpaid principal balance of approximately $1.1 billion. The sale, which was initially announced last month, had five pools of loans being sold to several different buyers, including one that has become familiar in sales like these.
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