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  • Disruptive mortgage automation technology from SoftWorks AI increases lender profitability

    Trapeze solution delivers true touchless automation
    "Our in-production mortgage automation solution has increased underwriter productivity for our clients by over 100%," said SoftWorks AI Founder and CEO Ari Gross. "This relates to SoftWorks' native ability to parse and use OCR for complex documents. By combining AI and computer vision technologies together, SoftWorks can effectively auto-validate the mortgage classification and data extraction process, streamlining the loan approval process."
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  • From HW Magazine

    Valuation: Evolution or revolution?

    Hybrid appraisal products provide alternatives that can save time and money
    There has been a conscious and rapid shift to broaden the use of alternative valuation products for origination. Not every decision needs a $500, full-blown 1004 interior appraisal. And in some markets where appraisers are short in number, the turn times can stretch from days to weeks. What these new alternative — some would say disruptive — valuation products do is enable lenders and servicers to better match the product to the risk by harnessing big data and technology. 
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  • Cloudvirga names Stephen DeSantis chief financial officer

    Helped take ShiftPixy public in June
    Cloudvirga, a provider of mortgage process automation, announced Tuesday that the company hired Stephen DeSantis to serve as its new chief financial officer. In this role, DeSantis will be responsible for "driving Cloudvirga’s financial strategies to accelerate its growth."
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  • Here are 3 money-losing myths about mortgage technology

    Check out these ways to avoid them
    Lenders keep thinking that their next technology solution will be easily adopted, or that some fancy software product will eliminate compliance headaches. These things never happen. That’s because most lenders buy into three common myths about mortgage technology — but there are ways to avoid them.
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  • Executive Conversation: Craig Crabtree on the importance of the right workflow

    Lenders are leveraging Equifax verification data as part of Day 1 initiative
    Equifax is the first designated provider to meet all Day 1 Certainty requirements through its full suite of eligible verifications, including instant income and employment verifications from The Work Number. In addition, we have a manual verification solution so if the borrower’s employment data isn’t available on The Work Number, we have a team that will call on the employer to complete the verification on behalf of the lender.
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  • cloudvirga raises $15 million; funding led by Blackstone’s Incenter

    Mortgage automation provider plans to use funds to expand
    Over the last year, Incenter increased its reach by launching a mortgage-focused broker-dealer called Incenter Securities Group and expanding into title and settlement services with the acquisition of Boston National, a provider of title and settlement services. Now, Incenter, a Blackstone Group portfolio company, is expanding its reach again by investing in cloudvirga, a provider of mortgage process automation.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Stop struggling to scale personnel

    Technology allows lenders to adopt new hiring strategies
    As other industries have shown, repeatable and effective scaling requires the implementation of technology to automate sales and production and allow for change to happen efficiently.
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