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  • Mortgage companies must adopt intelligent processes if they want to compete

    Capsilon IQ reduces cost, time and risk by automating up to 80% of the process
    Capsilon IQ automates manual, repetitive tasks, allows for better available data and recaptures 10+ hours per employee each week. With a new Data Audit productivity app, Capsilon creates an Intelligent Work Experience where technology maximizes employee productivity and makes lenders’ existing systems more powerful.
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    Are mortgage lenders ready for a total makeover?

    The time has come to transform how business gets done

    Is it possible that in the coming years we will live in a world where the future becomes flexible enough to accommodate the things we can’t see or even imagine? The term for this is the “unknown’s unknown” — where the trends and disrupters that are hard to understand today will have a dramatic unforeseen impact on how we do business tomorrow.

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