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  • Here’s an inside look at the most expensive home in every state

    From Alabama to Texas
    If you have a several million dollars lying around, or simply are curious, these spots would be beautiful places to call home in some of the nation’s most picturesque locations. Here's an inside glimpse of the current most expensive houses for sale in each state, along with an in-depth video of the top home for sale in The Lone Star State.
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  • America’s most unwanted, expensive homes

    Including Michael Jackson’s $100 million Neverland
    America’s most expensive homes already lose out on a lot of buyers since they are way outside the price range of the typical homebuyer, causing it to be an even larger issue when there’s no interest from the slim pool of buyers that they do have.
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  • America’s most expensive home goes on the market

    The $195 million price tag is “really quite reasonable”
    There are only a handful of people who can afford this $195 million home in Beverly Hills, California. As it turns out, the seller of the home made his fortune by betting that people would default on their mortgages during the financial crisis.
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