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  • ARMCO appoints Kyle Kehoe as its new chief revenue officer

    Kehoe has 20 years of experience as an executive and revenue leader
    ARMCO, a provider of enterprise financial risk mitigation solutions, recently announced Kyle Kehoe joined the company as its chief revenue officer. ARMCO President Phil McCall said he believes the company drafted a high-impact player in Kehoe, one who has delivered results across two decades and through some tough industry cycles.
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  • Lenders can now use quality control technology to increase efficiencies while reducing risk

    Phil McCall explains ARMCO's DataSure, robust data validation technology for greater lender efficiency
    Lenders who are still using a manual "stare and compare" method to assure data accuracy on loan files are not only wasting time but also putting their business at risk of compliance violations. In this executive conversation, Phil McCall, president of ARMCO, explains how lenders can radically increase their efficiency while reducing their risk by using ARMCO's DataSure. DataSure automatically parses and evaluates data on virtually any type of loan document, cross comparing that data to the lender’s source system and automatically communicating all corrected data fields back into that system.
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  • ARMCO goes toe-to-toe with fraud

    Launches fraud investigation technology
    Although there may be no immediate resolution for fraud in the housing industry, some companies are putting forth an effort to reduce the risk of deception. Amongst these companies includes ARMCO, who recently announced the launch of its Fraud Case Manager, the industry’s "first” fraud investigation technology.
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  • ARMCO names Sharon Reichhardt vice president of client success

    Will oversee professional services division
    ACES Risk Management Co. announces the promotion of Sharon Reichhardt as vice president of client success. Reichhardt, will oversee ARMCO’s professional services division and manage ongoing adoption by customers of the full feature-set of the ACES Audit Technology platform, ARMCO’s flagship product.
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  • ARMCO hires new chief strategy officer

    Nick Volpe will increase market share for financial software products
    Nick Volpe signed on as chief strategy officer at ACES Risk Management. In his new role with the company, he will be angling for increase market share and industry recognition of its financial risk mitigation software tools.
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  • ARMCO: Mortgage critical defect rate decreases in Q3 2017

    Majority of defects occurred in borrower and mortgage eligibility
    As purchase mortgages shrank in the third quarter last year and refinances increased, the number of critical defect rates dropped, according to a new report from ACES Risk Management. Most of the defects occurred under the borrower and mortgage eligibility category.
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  • From HW Magazine

    2018 HW Tech100 Winner: ARMCO

    ACES Audit Technology ensures loan quality across the entire mortgage cycle
    Both ACES and ACESXPRESS leverage intelligent questionnaires, preset and user-defined audit questions that drive the technology’s rules-based platform. ACES IQ employs answer-based logic, which allows users to automate a loan-level audit review for virtually any loan type in any loan scenario, regardless of how unique or typical the circumstances.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: LinkedIn invests $10m in Silicon Valley affordable housing

    The rent is too damn high!
    Every week, it seems like there’s another example of people (or companies) going to extremes to secure housing in the Bay Area. Earlier this year, Facebook and Google both announced plans to help build new, affordable housing in Silicon Valley. And now, LinkedIn is joining in too. All that, and more, in your Monday Morning Cup of Coffee.
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