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  • California real estate agent arrested for double homicide

    Christopher Ireland taken into custody "on suspicion of murder"
    A California real estate agent is under arrest and remains in custody under suspicion that he committed a double murder. According to local media reports, Christopher Ireland is suspected in the deaths of two of his wife’s female co-workers, whose bodies were found after a suspicious fire destroyed the home of one of the women.
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  • Connecticut real estate agent arrested for allegedly abusing access to rob homes

    Authorities investigating a string of burglaries
    A Connecticut real estate agent is facing charges that he abused the access granted to him as an agent to rob a number of homes. Here are the details on John Rose, who is facing a series of charges after being arrested on Christmas Eve in an apparent burglary attempt of a home that he had access to as an agent.
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  • Arron Lewis found guilty of murdering Arkansas Realtor Beverly Carter

    Gruesome crime leads to wholesale changes in real estate industry
    Arron Lewis was found guilty Friday of abducting and killing Arkansas Realtor Beverly Carter in 2014, according to various Arkansas media outlets. Lewis was automatically sentenced to life in prison without parole for Carter’s murder and also received a consecutive life sentence for kidnapping.
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  • After ex-CFO admits to embezzling $20M, Michigan credit union placed into conservatorship

    NCUA takes over at Clarkston Brandon Community Credit Union
    Just days after the former chief financial officer of a Michigan credit union walked into the local sheriff’s office and confessed to embezzling $20 million from his former employer, the credit union has been placed into conservatorship by the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services.
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  • Michigan credit union ex-CFO shockingly confesses to embezzling $20 million

    Walked right into sheriff’s office and spilled his guts

    In a development seemingly out of nowhere, the former chief financial officer of a Michigan credit union and a man described as a “community hero,” walked into the Oakland County Sheriff's Office last week and confessed to embezzling $20 million from the credit union over the last 12 years.

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  • Feds bust Rhode Island real estate fraud conspiracy

    Attorney, real estate agent, mortgage originator indicted for mortgage fraud scheme
    A real estate attorney, a real estate agent, a licensed loan originator, a former loan officer, a loan processor and a real estate investor were all indicted Friday on charges of participating in a wide-ranging real estate fraud conspiracy that reportedly involved mortgage fraud, bank fraud and identity theft.
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  • International manhunt ends in arrest of field servicer on child prostitution charges

    Royal Thai Police arrest North Carolina man for connection to prostitution ring
    [Editor's note: The following story contains graphic details.] Mickey Snow, the owner and operator of a multi-state field services provider that until recently provided services to one of the government-sponsored enterprises, was arrested in Thailand after leading authorities on a worldwide chase to avoid prosecution on child prostitution charges.
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  • DOJ reportedly pursuing criminal charges against JPMorgan Chase, RBS executives

    U.S. finally targeting individuals for toxic mortgage bonds?
    Following through on policy changes announced earlier this year that opened the door to individuals being held criminally responsible for corporate misconduct that helped cause the financial crisis, the Department of Justice is reportedly pursuing criminal charges against executives at the Royal Bank of Scotland and JPMorgan Chase.
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