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  • Risk, Reward & Consequence

    Like most kids, as a young boy I couldn’t wait to get big. To me, and I guess to most very young people, being big meant being able to do anything, being free of the pain of failure. I was convinced that the bigger I became, the more successful I would become. To a child, the concept of “too big to fail” makes perfect sense. Too bad we all have to grow up.
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  • The Brawn to Paulson's Brains

    Department of the Treasury secretary Henry Paulson's new man will soon step up and take action on Paulson's plan rescue the economy. Neel Kashkari will speak Monday regarding the Treasury's progress in implementing the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act (EESA), the Treasury announced Thursday. Kashkari will speak before the Institute of International Bankers in Washington.  According to a Treasury statement, he plans to discuss financial markets as well as the Treasury's work on the EESA.
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  • Quote of the Day

    Heard during recent testimony by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to the House Financial Services Committee, regarding community banks' role in the proposed bailout: Paulson: “This is something we haven’t communicated so clearly about the program.” Frank: “There’s a lot of that going around.”
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  • The politics of a government power play

    A telling story Tuesday in the New York Times suggests that Congressional Democrats knew they'd been taken for a ride after this weekend -- that the current administration was able to pull it off is somewhat stunning:
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  • Paulson says credit crisis far from over

    No, no that Paulson. Instead, we're talking about John Paulson, the hedge fund manager that moved to the top of the class by shorting subprime in 2007 -- and the now-iconic investor thinks the crisis yet has legs. At the GAIM International 2008 hedge fund conference in Monaco, Paulson said a recession was coming, and that a huge opportunity in distressed debt was on the horizon. Via Reuters:
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