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  • New home construction sets strong pace for 2018

    On track for strongest year since housing crisis
    Housing starts increased in January, starting 2018 off at a strong pace; however, it is unclear if that pace will continue. While some experts are predicting a booming year for housing starts, others say January’s pace could have been better.
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  • New home construction rises in 2017, closes year on positive note

    Housing starts, completions, and permits all increased over 2016
    From the looks of it, 2017 ended up being a pretty decent year for new home construction. On Thursday, the Census Bureau and HUD provided a look at the December data on new home construction, and the report shows that building permits, housing starts, and housing completions all increased in 2017.
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  • New home construction suddenly slows in September

    Hurricanes don't account for the drop seen in Western states
    Overall, housing starts decreased in September, however, single-family housing completions showed double digit growth. But after the slight dip in housing starts in August, September’s decrease in building permits suggests this drop may be the start of a new trend.
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  • Economists: July construction numbers disappoint

    Market desperately needs increase in single-family housing
    Single-family construction disappointed expectations in July, and economists are growing more concerned over the lack of housing supply. One economist explained the reason for the construction shortage, despite the high levels of demand.
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  • Home builders slow down construction in July

    Lead by drop in multifamily construction
    Housing starts dropped in July, alongside building permits and housing completions. However, the majority of this decrease stems from a lack of multifamily construction. Single-family housing, while still down from last month, still showed only moderate decreases.
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  • Housing starts suddenly rebound in June

    Building permits reflect more construction to come
    New housing construction increased in June despite growing concerns among builders and decreasing confidence. And June’s increase could carry on in the upcoming months as building permits saw an increase in single-family authorizations.
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