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  • CFPB plans to issue rules on PACE loans

    Bureau asks for industry input on green financing
    The CFPB signaled Monday that it plans to issue rules for the PACE program, which allows homeowners to obtain financing to make improvements to their homes to increase the home’s energy efficiency. The CFPB said Monday it is issuing an “Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking” on PACE financing that could see an Ability-to-Repay provision added to PACE regulations.
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  • Elon Musk: Tesla acquisition of SolarCity needed to happen

    "Creates the world’s only integrated sustainable energy company"
    Last week, Tesla announced it acquired SolarCity, making huge waves in the energy world. The merger is expected to create the world’s only integrated sustainable energy company, from energy generation to storage to transportation. And it's also projected to look pretty good for Tesla financially as well.
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  • Florida building world’s first solar-powered town

    Beginning new era of smart growth?
    The demand from homebuyers for solar energy is growing and continues to do so. Whereas some areas are starting to make solar panels more cost effective, one area took it to a whole new level; they're building an entire town to be run on solar power.
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  • Solar panel telemarketer faces charges over unlawful robocalls

    Violated the Do Not Call Registry
    The appeal of solar energy is starting to gain a lot of traction across the nation, especially in warmer states. However, with the increase in demand comes an increase in caution. The Department of Justice filed a new suit against a solar panel telemarketer over unlawful robocalls.
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  • Coming soon: The Tesla home battery

    Electric car company venturing into residential energy storage
    Tesla Motors, the company that plans to revolutionize automobiles with its electric car, is planning a new revolution that aims to transfer how we power the rest of our lives. How will the home battery impact mortgages?
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  • Here’s what appraisers need to know about solar power

    California and Northeast boom in solar power projects
    The world is going green, and so is housing, which is seeing a growing boom in solar-power projects. Before appraisers are left in the dark, the Appraisal Institute and the industry are working to make sure these new homes are properly assessed.
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