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  • Zillow awards $1 million prize for making Zestimates more accurate

    Claims contest winners’ algorithm improves Zestimate accuracy
    The Zestimate that appears on every listing on Zillow is about to get a little closer to the expected sales price of a house, and all the online real estate giant had to do is give away more than $1 million. But Zillow is hardly chalking this exercise up as a loss. Just the opposite, in fact.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Zillow claims Zestimates now more accurate than ever

    Plus, the impact of Hurricane Harvey
    The real estate industry has long had its issues with the "Zestimate," the property value estimation tool that appears on every listing on Zillow. The difference between a property's Zestimate and the actual market price is often a source of contention. Well, Zillow claims it just made the Zestimate even better. Plus, the impact of Hurricane Harvey seems to be far worse than projected. All that, and more, in your Monday Morning Cup of Coffee.
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  • Have issues with the Zestimate? Zillow is offering $1 million to fix it

    Online real estate giant launches contest to improve property valuation algorithm
    Zillow knows its “Zestimate,” the online real estate giant’s property value estimation tool, isn’t perfect. Even after years of consistently working on the algorithm that powers the Zestimate, Zillow acknowledges that its Zestimate error rate is still 5% nationwide. But Zillow wants to do something about it, and it’s offering up a sizable carrot for anyone who can make the Zestimate better: $1 million.
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  • Zillow: We just dramatically improved Zestimate accuracy

    Updates algorithm powering proprietary property value tool
    For years, the accuracy of Zillow's Zestimate, the property value estimation tool that appears on every listing on Zillow, sometimes stood as a source of contention for real estate professionals and consumers alike. But now, Zestimates are about to get way more accurate, Zillow claims.
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  • Problem with your Zestimate? You can now immediately change it

    Zillow cuts Zestimate update time from weeks to minutes
    One of the main issues that many Zillow users had with the website was the time it took to update a Zestimate, the property value estimation tool built into every listing on Zillow. Now, instead of it taking weeks to update a Zestimate, Zillow will allow users to update a Zestimate immediately.
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  • Zillow “Zestimates” under fire again

    LA Times reports on controversial property value estimates
    For years, Realtors, real estate agents, and brokers questioned the accuracy of Zestimates and its benefit for buyers and sellers. Now a new report delves into Zestimates, finding that the margin of error for the property value estimates can be massive in some areas.
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  • Hitler is not happy with his Zillow Zestimate

    And he doesn’t like Al Gore’s rhythm, either
    For those who don't know, Downfall is a serious movie about Adolf Hitler's last days in his bunker. The Downfall satire videos place subtitles around unrelated issues in an effort to turn the drama into comedy. And now, it's Zillow's turn.
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