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  • FHFA employee files lawsuit against agency for $1 million

    Claims pay discrimination after unwanted sexual advances
    Monday, the FHFA employee who claims she was sexually harassed by FHFA Director Mel Watt filed a lawsuit against the agency for $1 million. In the lawsuit, FHFA employee Simone Grimes claims the agency paid her less than the man who held her position before her because she refused sexual advances from Watt.
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  • From HW Magazine

    The Path to Equality

    Is the mortgage industry doing enough to support women in the workplace?
    The financial world at large is experimenting with changing its workforce culture in ways not fathomable 10 years ago. For example, in 2011, the dress code for female workers at UBS came to light with unflattering results. In it, the Swiss bank instructed female employees on not just how to dress and how to smell, but also preached the importance for ladies to apply lotion after taking showers. Fast forward to today and fellow Swiss bank, Credit Suisse has now created an official role to boost equal opportunities and create a fair treatment environment. Has the American mortgage industry made similar progress?
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  • Politico: FHFA Director Mel Watt under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct

    Watt claims leak of investigation documents is politically motivated
    Friday, news broke that Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Mel Watt is under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct. According to an article from Politico, Watt is being accused by an FHFA staffer of repeatedly making inappropriate sexual advances when she tried to discuss career and salary concerns.
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  • [VIDEO] The kiss that cost a mortgage CEO $3 million (and his job)

    "You’ve been walking by me all night, and I want a kiss"
    The mortgage lending empire Gregory Englesbe spent a decade and a half building is now out of his reach. Englesbe stepped down from E Mortgage Management recently in the wake of a $3 million settlement against him in a suit brought by Philadelphia waitress Kristin Lisi, who accused Englesbe of forcing a kiss on her (click to see video).
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  • Time’s Up: Yes, it’s happening here, too

    How do we move forward?
    The #TimesUp and #MeToo movements have swept across the U.S. as more women begin to stand up and say no more. Within the mortgage industry, the topic has been able to stand in the shadows, and no one really knows how common the behavior actually is. That is, until now.
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  • HUD reaches sexual harassment settlements in three states

    Landlords, housing authority in Florida, Virginia, and California fined
    The Department of Housing and Urban Development announced Monday that it reached sexual harassment settlements with housing industry participants in three different states. The settlements come on the heels of HUD announcing an initiative to combat sexual harassment in housing.
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  • HUD joins initiative to combat sexual harassment in housing

    Forms interagency task force with Justice Department
    The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced it is recognizing the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act with its new initiative to increase awareness and reporting of sexual harassment in housing. Here’s what it is doing along with the Justice Department to combat sexual harassment.
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  • How to approach gender bias in the mortgage industry

    A response to industry professionals' reactions to Chrisman's confrontation
    [Op-ed] In the wake of the publication of a scathing column against Rob Chrisman, calling out his derogatory jokes, the industry’s response has been divisive. While I share the author’s concerns about some of Chrisman’s jokes, in my opinion, the author’s approach to initiate change was reckless and potentially harmful to our cause to improve inclusivity in our industry. I’d like to share an alternative approach to change leadership that I think is more effective for anyone wanting to implement change in our industry.
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