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  • Real estate agent 6% commission increasingly under threat

    Majority of sellers increasingly pay less
    The standard 6% commission for real estate agents is put pushed to the test as the majority of Americans in today’s market end up paying less. Even paying only 5% commission can add up to a decent-sized savings. This is bad news for real estate agents, right? Not necessarily. This is how the market is shifting.
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  • Want a free Bentley? Sell this house

    Agent who finds buyer for $10 million house gets added bonus
    Whoever finds a buyer for the nearly $10 million home will not only get his or her commission on the sale, the seller is also throwing in a new a 2015 Bentley at no charge. Just consider it a little cherry on top of your normal compensation.
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  • Realtors don't deserve 3% commission?

    HousingWire article sparks debate
    The question generated from HousingWire's comment boards: Should Realtors and other real estate agents be just paid hourly, or should we stick with the 3% commission? The answer: Come on.
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