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  • House flipping is back…in California, at least

    Wall Street Journal reports on return of flippers
    House flipping, which served as one of the canaries in the coal mine before the house collapse, is apparently back on the map, in California, at least. In the words of one flipper, “the floodgates have opened” when it comes to finding financing for flipping.
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  • Are investors growing wary of flipping?

    “Buy and hold” strategy becoming more prevalent
    Real estate investors interested in making money on a home are becoming less likely to flip the home and more likely to hold the property and rent it out, according to a new report from The likely cause? Oil prices.
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  • Investors still flip for flipping

    Still favor fix-and-flip over renting
    Despite rising rents, investors still prefer fixing and flipping houses as opposed to buying a house for the purpose of renting it out, according to a new report from But results vary depending on whether the house was purchased at a live auction or an online auction.
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  • Vanilla Ice charged with burglarizing a foreclosure

    Police on the scene, you know what I mean
    Ice is back with a brand new invention. Ok, it’s not new, it’s called burglary and grand theft. The former rapper turned reality show home renovator decided a foreclosed property next to one he was working on didn’t need some swag.
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