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  • Mynd Property Management acquires HomeUnion, expands offerings for real estate investors

    Will help investors buy properties and manage them too
    Mynd Property Management raised $20 million just over a year ago, saying at the time that it planned to use the money to expand its business. And now, Mynd is doing just that. The company, which provides full-service property management of small multifamily buildings and single-family homes, announced recently that it has acquired HomeUnion, an online real-estate investment management firm.
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  • HomeUnion launches crowdfunding platform for single-family rentals

    Individual investors can now buy into “fix-and-flip fund”
    HomeUnion, an online residential real estate investment firm, is increasing its presence in the single-family rental market. Back in 2015, HomeUnion began lending to single-family rental investors. Now, HomeUnion is launching a new program that will make the company itself an investor in single-family rentals, but the company isn’t using its own money.
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  • Here are the 10 top and bottom investment markets for single-family rentals

    None of the top 10 are on the West Coast
    As the single-family rental market continues to bode well for investors, HomeUnion, an online real estate investment management company, ranked the most and least favorable single-family rental markets. A quick perusal of the list shows that when it comes to this kind of investing, the West Coast is not somewhere you want to be.
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  • HomeUnion expands again; begins lending to single-family rental investors

    Investors can take out up to 10 GSE-backed mortgages
    HomeUnion, an online real-estate investment management firm, is expanding from helping investors identify single-family rental properties to purchase to actually helping them buy the properties. HomeUnion announced Tuesday that it is launching a new division, HomeUnion Lending, which will focus on lending to single-family rental investors.
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  • HomeUnion continues to expand

    Adds five news metros for SFR
    HomeUnion announced another expansion, adding five major metros into its list of active investment markets. As the rental market continues to grow, Don Ganguly, CEO of HomeUnion, said that he sees high profit for the single-family rental market.
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  • HomeUnion expands into California

    Begins listing SFR properties in LA
    HomeUnion, an online real-estate investment management firm, announced that it has added Southern California to its list of active investment markets due to a lot of strong interest from Asia-based investors who are seeking growth and a haven for capital.
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  • HomeUnion hires new chief analytics officer

    Joe Barr brings 25 years of industry experience
    HomeUnion hired Joe Barr as the company’s chief analytics officer where he will be responsible for building data-driven, predictive trends models that will be used to better identify markets and investment opportunities for HomeUnion’s clients.
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