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  • It’s official: Net neutrality dies in the U.S.

    Realtors worry rollback could unlevel playing field
    Despite votes in Congress and efforts from advocacy groups, net neutrality officially ended Monday. From the beginning, real estate advocacy groups and companies have opposed the rollback, saying the changes to net neutrality create an unlevel playing field for small business owners.
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  • Senate narrowly passes measure to restore net neutrality

    But will it advance in House?
    The Senate voted Wednesday to restore net neutrality ahead of its scheduled rollback. While real estate companies are in full support of the Senate’s decision, the measure still needs to be voted on by the House of Representatives and be signed off on by President Donald Trump.
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  • Realtors slam FCC decision to repeal net neutrality

    Say rollback could hurt consumers, small businesses
    The Federal Communications Commission passed its repeal of net neutrality regulations, which prevents internet service companies to charge users more to see certain content. But now, Realtors and others in the housing industry are standing up against the decision.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: CFPB thrown into disarray with 2 acting directors

    Trump vows to revive bureau
    Over the long weekend, as you were eating Thanksgiving dinner and standing in long lines for Black Friday, the CFPB erupted into chaos. Two leaders now stand as acting deputies, and no one knows who they should actually follow. Plus, see what experts are forecasting as the biggest changes to the housing market in 2018.
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