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  • New York Times: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac being 'held captive'

    How involved was the white house in 2012 profit sweeps?
    On Wednesday the court unsealed documents that proved just how involved the White House was in the Treasury’s decision to sweep the mortgage company’s profits. It seems that the administration may not have ever intended to release the companies back to the private sector.
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  • Deutsche Bank drops plan to create new jobs in North Carolina amid LGBT controversy

    Bank comes out in opposition of state's recent LGBT law
    A controversial North Carolina law requiring transgender people to use the public bathroom corresponding to the gender on their birth certificate is not without vocal opponents. First some big musical artists cancelled their shows and now Deutsche Bank is putting the brakes on its plans, too. Is this only the beginning?
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  • Former MBA Chairman David Kittle joins ComplianceEase

    Will be SVP of government and industry relations
    ComplianceEase hired former MBA chairman David Kittle as its senior vice president of government and industry relations. He brings years of experience managing relationships with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Federal Home Loan Banks, Ginnie Mae and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
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  • HUD to landlords: Rent to ex-convicts

    Or else face the consequences
    The Department of Housing and Urban Development released its revised guidance, addressing how landlords who have blanket bans on renting to people with criminal records are in violation of the Fair Housing Act and can be sued.
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  • Employment on the rise, but labor market still shrinking

    Will the government continue to raise interest rates this summer?
    While the U.S. employment rate soared in February, the unemployment rate stayed the same at 4.9%. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ February report, employment gains occurred in health care and social assistance, retail trade, food services and private educational services.
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  • Mortgage bond group seeks to standardize securities

    Supports initiative to wind down GSEs
    The industry is preparing itself for whether or not the government will ever wean the housing market from its support, with a top industry group releasing the first in a series of papers mapping out its effort to create recommended contract language for new securities.
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  • Expert: FHA should means-test new insured loans

    Loan modifications, particularly those insured by the Federal Housing Administration, are subject to means testing -- meaning modifications are intended to go to lower-income borrowers who most need the assistance. Industry observer and respected academic Anthony Sanders wonders aloud why the same isn't done for actual lending at the FHA.
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