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    What really happened at LandCastle Title?

    Missing money from escrow accounts starts a landslide of accusations
    Johnson’s lawsuit states that while Hardwick was attempting to secure those loans, the Wittstadts entered into secret negotiations with Fidelity National Financial to bail out the firm “in order to prevent a disastrous national impact on the housing market should the escrow account misappropriations become public before the Wittstadts could cover everything up.”
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  • Title attorneys call Dustin Johnson’s lawsuit “laughable fairy tale”

    Wittstadts ask judge to dismiss PGA golfer’s lawsuit
    "Johnson’s new yarn, that he and his friend are patsies in a complex, serpentine fraud scheme, would be even more laughable but for the damage that such patently false allegations cause to the reputations of good lawyers who are, without any question, the true victims here," title attorneys Mark and Rod Wittstadt say in an amended motion requesting the dismissal of PGA golfer Dustin Johnson's lawsuit against them.
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  • Dustin Johnson levels blockbuster claims at title attorneys

    Is Nat Hardwick the fall guy?
    The situation surrounding the escrow account shortages discovered at LandCastle Title and the law firm of Morris Schneider Wittstadt has taken another dramatic turn, with PGA golfer Dustin Johnson filing an amended motion which accuses Mark and Rod Wittstadt of conspiring to use Nat Hardwick as a pawn and set him up to take the fall for the shortages that were discovered in the accounts of the firm and its subsidiary, LandCastle Title.
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  • Here's how much Fidelity paid to bail out LandCastle Title

    How much damage done by Nat Hardwick’s alleged theft?
    Since HousingWire first reported that Fidelity bailed out LandCastle Title, the story has taken the kinds of twists and turns that one might expect to see in a Hollywood blockbuster, not in the annals of title company finance. But what wasn’t known until now is just how much it cost Fidelity to acquire that 70% ownership stake in LandCastle Title.
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  • Title attorneys fire back at Dustin Johnson lawsuit

    Wittstadts say Johnson’s “shotgun” lawsuit is meritless and libelous
    Mark and Gerard (Rod) Wittstadt, who Dustin Johnson accused of conspiring with Nathan (Nat) Hardwick to steal $3 million from Johnson, filed a motion to dismiss Johnson’s lawsuit, stating that Johnson’s lawsuit is without merit, devoid of facts, “patently false” and a “travesty to legal pleading.”
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