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  • Home prices pick up speed in August

    Jump 6.6% from last year
    Home price increases picked up pace once again in August, surpassing July’s increase and surging ahead unchecked, far surpassing the previous peak. FHFA’s latest House Price Index showed all regions of the U.S. saw an annual increase in home prices, however one region posted a decrease from last month.
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  • Home prices in Midwestern states drop in July

    Nationally prices continue to increase
    Home prices continue to rise monthly and annually across the nation, reaching all-new highs. But while home prices are increasing across the nation, one region, the West North Central division saw a drop in home prices of 0.5% from June to July.
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  • FHFA: Home prices increase 6.6% in second quarter

    Increased in nearly every state
    Home prices increased in nearly every state across the U.S. and the District of Columbia. Gains were the highest in the Pacific region, where the second quarter saw a nearly 9% increase from last year, but lowest on the opposite side of the U.S.
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  • The democratization of data

    "Indicizing" masses of industry information
    [Commentary] We need to take a page from the proven model of home price indices and put it to work in other data-heavy aspects of the mortgage industry. Consider the possibilities. Imagine an index that can match the granularity of an HPI like Black Knight’s, but – instead of looking at home prices – is focused on other critical factors; loan originations or mortgage performance, for example.
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  • Black Knight Financial Services reveals new mortgage and housing market index suite

    Designed to help economic forecasting and research
    Black Knight Financial Services’ Data & Analytics division revealed the Black Knight Index Suite, a series of indices to provide insights into both the housing and mortgage markets. The indices utilize Black Knight’s property and mortgage datasets in order to provide benchmarks for measuring housing and mortgage market performance.
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  • [Charts] Black Knight: Home prices hit new peak in February

    Report shows metros with most and least home-price changes
    Black Knight released a new report showing home prices increased in February to a new peak. Some states increased to a peak, however others remain a full 20% before previous peaks. The report breaks down the top metros with home price increases and those with the greatest drops.
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