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  • Freddie Mac: Mortgage rates decrease slightly but there's no relief in sight

    Affordability threatens homebuyer demand
    Mortgage rates decreased by just a few basis points, but remain above 4.5%, according to Freddie Mac’s latest Primary Mortgage Market survey. Freddie Mac Chief Economist Sam Khater said it’s clear that in some markets the combination of ascending home prices, limited affordable inventory and this year’s higher rates are curtailing homebuyer demand.
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  • FHFA report shows mortgage rates increasing as year ends

    Trailing index matches more recent data
    The most recent data from Freddie Mac showed that mortgage rates have been trending up over the last few weeks, nearly surpassing 4% in the last week of the year. A new trailing index report from the Federal Housing Finance Agency backs up the Freddie Mac data and shows that interest rates are indeed on the rise as 2017 ends.
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  • Experts: The Fed will revise its estimate to four rate hikes in 2018

    Already increased economic growth projections
    At the end of its December meeting Wednesday, the Federal Reserve announced 2017’s third and final rate hike as well as its forecast for 2018. The Fed did increased its economic growth predictions for next year, leading experts to say the Fed will later revise its rate hike forecast from three times in 2018 to four.
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  • Whistleblower accuses Wells Fargo of unfair mortgage rate hikes

    Bank allegedly cut corners to keep expenses low
    A whistleblower and former loan officer from Wells Fargo accused the bank of its latest scandal: manipulating its clients into paying higher mortgage interest rates. The whistleblower explained borrowers agreed to the higher rates to avoid extension fees which were often due to the bank’s questionable tactics.
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  • Ally Bank offers 0.125% interest rate discount to entice new mortgage customers

    Offer available to “all customers for all loan products, term lengths and loan sizes”
    Mortgage interest rates ticked up slightly in the last week, per the latest data from Freddie Mac, but for most of 2017, rates have trended down. But with rates still above where they were last summer, one lender is offering borrowers a discount on their interest rate to try to earn their mortgage business.
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  • Why rising Federal Funds rates might be good for the housing market

    Here are 3 reasons why
    [Expert commentary] Much of the commentary surrounding the Federal Reserve’s decision Wednesday to raise the Fed Funds rate by 25 basis points has been about how this is likely to have a negative effect on home affordability. What if this isn’t true? In fact, here are three positive side effects to rising interest rates.
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  • March interest rate hike? Odds are now up to 50%

    Chances up significantly from last week
    Expectations for a rate hike in March are up significantly from last week, as traders now place an over-50% chance on an interest rate increase in March. And one expert explains this increase in expectations could turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy.
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  • Goldman Sachs: Mortgage interest rates will rise to 5.5% by 2019

    Current 30-year mortgage rate is approximately 4.15%
    The most recent data from Freddie Mac shows that the average interest rate for a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage is around 4.15%, but interest rates are going to increase by a significant margin over the next few years, analysts from Goldman Sachs said in a new report. Here are the details.
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  • How to lower your mortgage rate in 2017

    Tricks for the rising interest rate environment
    Mortgage rates are on the rise, and have been for the last nine weeks, as evidenced by the latest data from Freddie Mac. And with the Federal Open Market Committee recently announcing an increase in the federal funds rate, for the second time in 10 years, odds are that interest rates aren’t going to go back down anytime soon. So what are prospective buyers supposed to do in the face of a rising rate environment?
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