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  • Wells Fargo expands affordable housing program to Houston

    Big bank partners with nonprofits to offer down payment assistance to Houstonians
    Wells Fargo announced Monday it is partnering with NeighborWorks America and nonprofit organizations to bring down payment assistance to prospective homebuyers in Houston. The bank is committing $6.1 million in housing assistance in the form of $15,000 grants to qualified home buyers in the city.
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  • Student debt crushes homeownership dreams

    Survey reveals women and Millennials are most impacted
    Student loan debt has racked up a collective $1.5 trillion bill for 44 million Americans, and its crushing people’s homeownership dreams. According to a recent survey by NeighborWorks America, people with student loans are delaying purchasing a home, with many worried about their debt most or all of the time.
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  • Wells Fargo offering down payment grants to boost homeownership in Kansas City area

    Bank commits $5.7 million through NeighborhoodLIFT program
    Prospective homebuyers in the Kansas City area will have the chance to get a $15,000 down payment grant from Wells Fargo, as the bank announced Monday that it is bringing its NeighborhoodLIFT program back to the area. According to John Santner, regional vice president of the Midwest region for NeighborWorks America, the Wells Fargo program will help create more than 300 new homeowners in the area.
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  • OCC nominee will fight against affordable housing budget cuts

    Otting wants to keep around Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation
    Affordable housing groups were dealt a terrible hand in President Donald Trump’s budget proposal, with one of the biggest groups, the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, getting cut completely. However, after listening to the Senate Banking Committee’s hearing on Thursday on the nomination of Joseph Otting to serve as the next Comptroller of the Currency, all hope is not lost for the affordable housing group.
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  • Wells Fargo partners with NeighborWorks America to boost homeownership in Birmingham

    Wells Fargo will invest $2.55 million
    Wells Fargo is partnering with NeighborWorks America and Neighborhood Housing Services of Birmingham to boost homeownership in the Birmingham and Jefferson Country areas of Alabama. Through the program, borrowers may be eligible to receive a matching down payment assistance grant ranging from $2,500 up to $7,500.
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  • Here's how student loan debt plays a role in the future of housing

    How does it impact housing starts?
    Student loan debt is playing its biggest role in the mortgage process yet, and it doesn’t look like it’s changing anytime soon. For starters, many Millennials have yet to finish college, and the tail end of the generation is barely 18. New data shows the current problems in housing due to student debt and exactly how big of an issue this is.
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  • Wells Fargo LIFT programs help more than 11,000 homeowners get down payments

    Gives buyers education plus financial assistance
    Since its start four years ago, the Wells Fargo and NeighborWorks America program have given down payment grants to more than 11,000 homeowners across 40 communities. The effort was created with the goal to accelerate local economic recovery in the aftermath of the housing crisis, boost sustainable homeownership and advance neighborhood revitalization.
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