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  • Now accepting: HW Tech100 nominations!

    Is your company a tech innovator in housing? Tell us more!
    Is your company a tech innovator and pioneer in the housing finance industry? Great! Show us what you've got! Nominations for HousingWire’s TECH100 program are now open!
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    The disruption of the mortgage industry has begun

    What lenders do now will determine whether they succeed or fail in 2018
    [Sponsored Content] For the past decade or so, executives in the mortgage industry have been looking at new mortgage technologies as the source of our coming disruption, first from companies operating within our space and later to fintech firms eager to cash in on a business that had avoided change for too long. While we were watching mortgage tech’s shiny new objects, disruption caught us by surprise.
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  • Fannie, Freddie reveal one place being neglected by new mortgage tech

    Servicing industry is ripe for disruption
    Here in the nation’s capital, experts from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac explained the mortgage industry still lags other industries in terms of tech innovation. Speaking Wednesday at an event hosted by CoreLogic and the Urban Institute, Fannie and Freddie's folks forecasted which part of the mortgage industry is ripe for disruption.
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  • Innovation in housing and home financing takes the stage at SXSW 2017

    SXSW shifts to include typically "unsexy" industries
    For many people, South By Southwest represents the epitome of music exploration. What you may not realize is how the festival has grown over the last 30 years since it’s inception, not only exploring the future of entertainment and media, but also the best of innovation across technology and business. And now this year, innovation in housing and finance were brought center stage at SXSW. This is great news for an industry that's behind when it comes to technology.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Digital disruption: How consumer demand is pushing lenders to a new normal

    Do legacy lenders or tech startups have the advantage?
    Saddled with legacy systems and burdened with changing regulations, the mortgage industry has been slow to adopt digitization compared to many other industries. Now, however, the industry must provide more transparency to regulators and satisfy consumers while managing tighter margins. In this perfect storm, there’s only one lifeboat — a digital process.
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  • The profit-margin challenge with TILA-RESPA

    Get operational processes firmed up now for Aug.1, 2015 go-live
    Do you know what it fully costs you to acquire a customer? It is now critical that you know this metric today, because it’s going to change on Aug. 1, 2015. If your operational processes are not streamlined, your margins are going to suffer worse when TILA-RESPA is effective.
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