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  • Massive data breach involving millions of mortgage documents just got much worse

    Original mortgage documents found on separate exposed server
    The massive data breach involving more than 24 million mortgage and banking documents, which HousingWire reported on Wednesday, just got much, much worse as an investigation unearthed a separate unprotected server that provided access to some of the original documents to anyone who happened upon it online.
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  • Millions of sensitive mortgage documents exposed in massive data breach

    TechCrunch reports on exposure of 10 years of mortgage documents
    Millions of sensitive mortgage documents were left exposed on the internet for two weeks in a massive data breach that could affect an unknown number of people. According to a report from TechCrunch, more than 24 million mortgage and banking documents were found online in an unprotected database.
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  • Cybersecurity experts: Data breaches are a matter of when, not if

    So you better be prepared
    To hear several cybersecurity experts tell it, data breaches are all but inevitable at every company, no matter how small they may be. The only choice for companies, at this point, is to be prepared for what’s coming. That was the message during the “Business Response to Cyber Risk” panel held Monday at the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Commercial/Multifamily Servicing and Technology Conference, which is going on right now in Miami.
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  • Equifax names new chief information security officer

    Jamil Farschi to oversee information security for credit agency
    Equifax has hired Jamil Farschi as the credit agency's new chief information security officer. Farschi is tasked with revamping Equifax's information security program following its massive 2017 data breach that saw the information of 145 million consumers exposed to hackers.
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  • Financial services groups ask Congress to pursue new data breach rules

    Bankers, title companies lay out vision for data security legislation
    Credit reporting agencies are far from the only companies that house consumers’ data. Banks, credit unions, insurance companies, title insurers and other companies are also tasked with safeguarding the information they possess. And now, the trade groups that represent many of those companies are also asking for the government to enact new data security rules.
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  • Here's what the new CFPB director should change

    These three areas are critical to the bureau's mission
    Richard Cordray is officially out at the CFPB, and although the bureau and the White House are battling it out over who gets to name the interim director, a change in direction is all but assured. Whoever takes the helm at the bureau should use the opportunity to correct some of the most onerous practices at the regulator. Here are three critical steps.
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  • After Equifax data breach, what’s next for consumer data security?

    DBRS on where the financial services industry goes now
    For Equifax, the fallout from its massive data breach is far from over. The breach exposed serious flaws in the financial system’s consumer data security framework. But what about the rest of us? How does the financial services industry protect against fraud in the future? And how do we make things safer?
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  • Watchdog: The CFPB fails to properly secure confidential enforcement information

    The CFPB has a data security issue of its own
    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Office of Enforcement fails to properly secure sensitive, confidential information, leaving the data available to both employees that no longer needed access to the data and former employees who left the bureau, a watchdog report found. Here are the details.
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  • New York unveils final cybersecurity regulations

    New rules take effect on March 1
    Last year, the state of New York announced a series of sweeping regulations that require banks, insurance companies, and other financial services companies to significantly increase their cybersecurity programs. The rules are set to take effect on March 1, 2017, and now, with less than two weeks until the rules take effect, New York is releasing the final version of the regulations.
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  • Guaranteed Rate ordered to pay $25M to Mount Olympus Mortgage for data theft

    Loan officer accused of stealing loan files, taking them to new employer
    A California jury ordered Guaranteed Rate to pay more than $25 million in damages to a fellow mortgage lender, Mount Olympus Mortgage Company, stemming from accusations that a former employee of Mount Olympus Mortgage stole client information and loan files and took them with him when he went to work at Guaranteed Rate.
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