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  • From HW Magazine

    Exploring solutions for the mortgage industry in the digital age

    Three experts answer your questions about digital adoption
    There are many questions and uncertainties surrounding the push for the mortgage industry to go digital. At Old Republic Title and Pavaso, we understand the digital marketplace and its role in the mortgage business. Our technology professionals are committed to helping those in the mortgage industry address common concerns and explore solutions for making their transition into the digital landscape as smooth as possible.
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  • Norcom Mortgage starts eClosing and the digital mortgage marches on

    Partnership with Pavaso offers customers eClosings, a common strategy in a tough market
    The rush toward the digital mortgage is still in full force. Today, Norcom Mortgage just became the first Connecticut-based lender to offer fully digital closings. Norcom will use Pavaso’s digital closing platform to float its new eClosing process dubbed “Swift Sign.”
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  • Pavaso and Gregg & Valby announce new partnership

    Integrate doc prep and digital closing platforms
    In its latest announcement, Pavaso said it partnered with Gregg & Valby, a Texas-based law firm and technology provider, to integrate the technologies of both companies. The move allows nationwide closing documents to be integrated into the Pavaso Digital Close platform electronically.
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  • From HW Magazine

    How to rise above an industry shift

    Lenders only need to take a small step toward evolving for the new marketplace
    We’re only months away from two new forms that will radically change processes and liability in this industry. Any day now, a new generation of homebuyers will start knocking on digital doors of opportunity that will expose every limitation of current business operations. And with all of the technology advances of our time, all we end up with is just a more complicated, expensive version of the “way things have always been done.”
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  • Pavaso tech solution delivers closing in under 15 minutes

    Digital Close brings parties together to speed up process

    “We had to verify the times with the escrow officers because we didn’t believe it at first," said Amy Moser, vice president of mortgage services at Mountain America Credit Union. "Digital closings are proving that secure delivery of documents prior to closing is not only convenient to our members, but extremely effective.”

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  • MBA Annual has come and gone, but TILA-RESPA is here to stay

    What progress have you made one week after the conference?

    As you head to complete this phase by Week 28, you not only need to look at how your organization operates internally, but how it operates externally as well with business partners and consumers to ensure regulations around the three-day delivery rule for the Loan Estimate are met.  

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  • Pavaso event at MBA conference features former Miss America

    Gathers lenders for a night of industry discussion
    Pavaso is hosting an exclusive event Monday, Oct. 20 at MBA’s annual convention in Las Vegas, with special guest Nicole Johnson, Miss America 1999, who will share insights of overcoming change and adversity with Mark McElroy, CEO and president of Pavaso.
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  • Talking tech with Donald Trump Jr.

    Pavaso CEO Mark McElroy discusses TILA-RESPA compliant solution

    The show is 21st Century Television, with guest host Donald Trump Jr. interviewing Mark about the TILA-RESPA ruling, and how technology available today can not only help the industry comply, but thrive, with a whole new world of possibilities in a digital marketplace. 

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  • Challenging the status quo

    Now is the time to question if you're ready for TILA-RESPA go-live

    In planning for big changes to your organization, the key area of a digital transformation know as Operational Process is one that is absolutely pertinent in the wake of regulatory disruption such as TILA-RESPA.  

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  • Turning negatives into positives

    CFPB consumer pain points provide base line for industry change

    If you aren’t honest with yourself on the issues customers are facing, you’ll have a tough time embracing a plan to improve your service levels to match customer expectations.

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