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  • Another big shake-up at Walter Investment: Head of Ditech Financial departs unexpectedly

    David Schneider leaves company amid effort to "flatten the organization"
    Just two months ago, when Walter Investment Management Corp. named its fourth different CEO in less than a year, some questioned whether the company was in a state of upheaval. Now, those questions seem prescient, as just two months into the tenure of Anthony Renzi, who took over for George Awad, who took over for Denmar Dixon, who took over for Mark O’Brien, Walter Investment and one of its most prominent subsidiaries are going through another executive shake-up.
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  • Growing pains at Ditech? Company begins layoffs

    Company "reevaluating" operating model; "redesigning" some roles
    Ditech Financial relaunched in 2014 with big plans and big goals. Earlier this month, the company said that it is planning to launch a wholesale lending channel, calling the expansion a "natural progression." As it turns out, some of Ditech’s employees will no longer be taking part in the company's "natural progression," as sources tell HousingWire that the company is set to lay off a number of employees.
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  • Ditech plots new path, launches wholesale lending channel

    Follows increase in correspondent lending operation
    When Ditech Financial relaunched in 2014, it laid out a three-pronged plan to establish itself back into the mortgage market, stating that it planned to launch direct consumer lending, retail lending and correspondent lending operations. The company has since merged with Green Tree Servicing and shuttered its retail division. Now, it's plotting a new way forward and launching a wholesale lending channel.
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  • Ditech to use HLP portal for foreclosure prevention efforts

    Now 19 of top 20 mortgage servicers use HLP technology
    Ditech Finacial, which formed last year when Walter Investment Management Corp. merged two of its subsidiaries, Green Tree Servicing and Ditech Mortgage Corp, to form a new company, is partnering with HLP to use HLP's web portal in its foreclosure prevention and loss mitigation efforts.
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  • Ditech Financial adds Steven Stein as head of consumer lending

    Joins from CoreLogic
    Ditech Financial, a subsidiary of Walter Investment Management Corp., announced the addition of Steve Stein as the head of consumer lending. Stein is tasked with leading the consumer lending division’s originations goals by developing plans for long-term profitable growth and increased levels of customer satisfaction.
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  • Ditech shakes up management, combines leadership of originations and servicing

    David Schneider will oversee both; Patricia Cook departs
    When Walter Investment Management Corp. merged two of its well-known subsidiaries last year, Green Tree Servicing and Ditech Mortgage Corp, the company said that the mortgage servicing and originations businesses would be lead by David Schneider and Patricia Cook, respectively. But Monday, Walter Investment announced that Cook is leaving the company, effective immediately, and said that Schneider will be taking over both the servicing and originations operations.
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  • Walter Investment's Ditech buys part of Residential Credit Solutions

    RCS closing Ft. Worth facility, laying off 134 employees
    In another signal that the default mortgage business is shrinking, Walter Investment Management Corp. announced Friday that it acquired "certain assets" of Residential Credit Solutions. While a "number of core operational employees" are being transferred from RCS to Ditech, more than 130 of RCS’ employees will not be making the transition, and the company is laying off 134 employees at the end of February.
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  • Green Tree gone; Ditech merger complete

    Walter Investment combines origination and servicing businesses
    Green Tree Servicing is gone. Last month, HousingWire reported that Green Tree’s days were numbered, after Green Tree’s parent company, Walter Investment, announced quietly that it planned to merge Green Tree with another of Walter Investment’s well-known subsidiaries, Ditech Mortgage Corp, to form a new company, ditech, a Walter company. Now the merger is complete.
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  • Say goodbye to Green Tree; company merging with Ditech

    Walter Investment merges companies to form Ditech Financial
    Unbeknownst to most of the industry, Green Tree Servicing is in the last few weeks of its existence, but the company is not closing. Green Tree’s parent company, Walter Investment Management Corp., is merging Green Tree with another of Walter Investment’s well-known subsidiaries, Ditech Mortgage Corp.
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  • ditech expands its consumer direct channel in Florida

    Plans to hire more loan specialists
    Since Ditech Mortgage Corp launched back into the industry in March 2014, it has made several key changes to once again be a major player in the mortgage space. This time around the lender announced it is expanding its consumer direct channel into the Jacksonville, Florida, area.
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