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  • Executive Conversation: Scott Slifer on the digital innovations impacting mortgage companies

    Sutherland delivers robotic process automation that can cut manual work by 25%
    Process transformation enables mortgage companies to rethink, reimagine, and rebuild the way work gets done. When legacy processes are redesigned to accommodate digital solutions such as robotic process automation, analytics, and other innovative applications, the impact of digital has the potential to become increasingly more powerful.
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  • Acquiring new customers vs. retaining existing customers

    TILA-RESPA will force you to get creative on revenue and profits

    We offer a solution on the Pavaso platform called Title Check — where title companies can stay in front of existing customers by offering them an annually recurring service to check their title and ensure it’s clean. This is an entirely new line of revenue to leverage all of those customers that they’ve acquired and closed, instead of purely focusing on bringing in the next closing. 

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  • I dream of loan origination genie

    Wishing for better profit margins?
    Independent mortgage banks pulled in average profits of $346 per loan on originations last quarter, compared to an average profit of $1,082 per loan in the fourth quarter.
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  • Mortgage and technology shifts

    Recap of last week's blogs on digital transformation in mortgage market

    As you move through that process of determining what needs to be done in response to TILA-RESPA, we can’t say enough how important it is now to think beyond August 2015 in order to prepare for the new landscape of this industry.  

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