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  • FTC promises Equifax victims who want the $125 offer, "You will be disappointed"

    So many victims want the cash instead of credit monitoring, it’s blowing up the math
    Equifax allowed the private information of almost half the U.S. population to be stolen in a massive data breach in 2017 after failing to patch a security flaw, and now so many victims are choosing a $125 cash payment over credit monitoring, they’re blowing up the math. The FTC says the payment "will be a very small amount," not the $125 originally cited. That led one Twitter wit to say: “It's ironic because paying less than the full amount is exactly what Equifax tracks and punishes you for.”
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  • Equifax agrees to pay up to $700 million for data breach

    Credit reporting agency settles federal and state probes into 2017 mega-hack
    Equifax, one of the nation’s top three credit reporting agencies, agreed to pay up to $700 million to settle federal and state investigations into the 2017 hack that exposed Social Security numbers and other personal data of almost half the population of the U.S. "Equifax failed to take basic steps that may have prevented the breach," FTC Chairman Joe Simons said. Click the headline to read more.
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  • Former Equifax executive jailed for profiting off data breach

    Jun Ying admitted to dumping stock after learning of breach
    The former chief information officer of Equifax’s U.S. business admitted in court that he dumped nearly $1 million in company stock after learning of the massive data breach at the credit reporting agency, but before the breach was disclosed to the public.
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  • Equifax sets aside nearly $700 million for expected data breach payouts

    Books $690 million for settlements, fines
    It’s been nearly two years since Equifax first revealed that it had suffered a massive data breach that exposed the personal information of 148 million U.S. consumers to hackers, but the fallout from the breach is nowhere near over. In fact, Equifax just revealed how much it's expecting to pay out to deal with all of those issues – and it's a lot.
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  • FEMA leaks sensitive personal information of 2.5 million disaster survivors

    Leaks banking information and addresses
    FEMA recently revealed it mistakenly leaked the banking information of 2.5 million U.S. disaster survivors. The Department of Homeland Security Office Inspector General discovered the leak in which FEMA shared sensitive, personally identifiable information of disaster survivors who previously used the company’s Sheltering Assistance program.
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  • Equifax expecting punishment from CFPB and FTC over massive data breach

    Reveals CFPB is planning to levy a fine
    Equifax is expecting various forms of punishment from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission over the credit reporting agency’s massive data breach that exposed the personal information of 148 million U.S. consumers to hackers, the company revealed recently.
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  • Massive data breach involving millions of mortgage documents just got much worse

    Original mortgage documents found on separate exposed server
    The massive data breach involving more than 24 million mortgage and banking documents, which HousingWire reported on Wednesday, just got much, much worse as an investigation unearthed a separate unprotected server that provided access to some of the original documents to anyone who happened upon it online.
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  • Millions of sensitive mortgage documents exposed in massive data breach

    TechCrunch reports on exposure of 10 years of mortgage documents
    Millions of sensitive mortgage documents were left exposed on the internet for two weeks in a massive data breach that could affect an unknown number of people. According to a report from TechCrunch, more than 24 million mortgage and banking documents were found online in an unprotected database.
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  • Attention business travelers: Marriott reveals massive data breach

    Data breach could have affected 500 million Marriott guests
    Marriott revealed on Friday that guest data for its Starwood properties was illegally accessed by an unauthorized party. According to information from the company, for approximately 327 million guests, personal information, perhaps credit card information, and more was compromised.
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