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  • Goldman Sachs rebuilds its reputation

    Investment bank puts executives through reform school
    Goldman Sachs is trying to redeem its reputation. The mega investment bank is now educating executives on what makes the firm unique, while also making structural changes to reduce conflicts.
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  • US investors in Europe finish what the Fed starts

    Last week the Federal Reserve released data on its bailout activity. Not surprisingly, the Fed was revealed as the central bank for the world. The Fed appears to relish the role, considering the rate of jubilant buying and selling of swaps with sovereign banks, especially in cases where those countries could create some sort of solution on their own. And while the American public may currently detest all things banking, the Fed activities have won the hearts and minds of Europe's banks, thereby opening the floodgates of opportunity.
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  • Deflect and Absorb: Measuring the Greek Afterburn on American Markets

    In examining the implication of the Greek debt crisis on the American financial markets, there are several points that continue to go unnoticed. Underneath the veneer of market hysteria reports, with some suggesting that a collapse of the Greek financial structure is proof of the vulnerability of the GSEs, it appears a good time to put everything in perspective. First, take a deep breath.
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  • The Dollar, Mortgages, and a Sticking Point

    After spending eight years in London and working for firms on both sides of the pond, my view of the role the dollar plays in global economics has become admittedly somewhat skewed. This is likely due to the fact that whenever I was getting paid primarily in dollars, the pound was strong; and when paid in pounds, the dollar was strong. It never failed. But now that I’m earning and spending exclusively in dollars stateside, I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around exactly what’s going on with the greenback.
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  • Recovery in Demand for UK Housing Pressures Supply

    Property prices continue to trend up in the United Kingdom as months-on-market decrease. But increasing demand may pressure housing supply in both the purchase and rental markets, and borrower performance on existing mortgages does not appear to likely to let up while economic conditions remain constricted. Nationwide's monthly House Price Index shows UK house prices rose in July, marking the fourth consecutive month of increase as low interest rates spark demand and pressure supply.
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  • S&P Sees UK's Countrywide on Path to Default

    United Kingdom-based Countrywide, a residential real estate service provider not affiliated with the Countrywide Financial acquired by Bank of America [stock BAC][/stock], may be on its way to default, based on a recent Standard & Poor's study of two "unusual and negative" aspects of the company's debt structure.
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